Motivational/Corporate Training  In today’s competitive world, Corporate training has become one of the essential strategies companies have to implement, in order to stay ahead of the game. It helps them build a cohesive and value driven team and helps constantly upgrade their workforce’s technical and behavioral skills, which in turn, contribute to the overall productivity of the company.

His Strategic, Operational & Training experience enables him  to bring in  a practical perspective to Corporate Training .

  • He first understands the clients’ business framework .
  • Collaborate and Design tailor made programs to suit the client’s needs and business goal.
  • Use interactive tools that help employees imbibe the training better
  • Plan follow up and implementation process which ensure that the employees actually incorporate the training in their daily work.

After every program , he  take feedback from the participants so that he can incorporate their suggestions .

His  training methodology includes presentation, role plays, situation analysis, management games and experience  sharing by the participants.

Indicative list of some of his Training Workshops is as under:

  • Organizational Capital Building ,Self Development,  Effective Time Management, Business Communication ,Leadership Development, New  Manager Skills ,Decision Making ,Conflict Management & Negotiation skills, Team Building, Stress Management, Counselling skills ,HR Skills for Line managers, Knowledge Management, Managing Workforce during Economic downturn
  • Any other customized program as per requirement