Welcome to Centre for professional Services

Centre for Professional Services is headquartered in India, CPS is a leading business and management consulting firm, serving clients across India. Our staff represent a diverse spectrum of professional disciplines, ranging from business strategy, Human resource, information technology and much more.

Our integrity and proficiency in designing systems to manage people has enabled us to gain a reputation for quality in the services we provide. CPS has been engaged on a wide range of assignments over the years, principally to help clients design and implement projects, improve efficiency, enhance human capacity and build great institutions.

Why Centre for professional Services

Clients benefit from our consultants’ varied skills through cross-functional approach to assignment execution whilst empowered with the knowledge and skills to continuously improve, long after we are gone. We believe in India and its future and dedicate ourselves to achieving the Indian dream by actively seeking out alliances, partnerships and friendships throughout the country.

We pride ourselves on our core Culture 

Culture of Performance     

  • Drive Positive Behaviors
  • Do More With Less
  • Predictable and Repeatable

Culture of Innovation

  • Interactive Engagement
  • Employee Empowerment
  • Process and Workflow

Headquartered in National Capital Region, India – CPS has been assisting leading  public and private sector companies to attract and retain performance driven talent and achieve enterprise-wide efficiencies that cut costs, improve operations and increase profitability.

Our Mission

Reshaping HR capabilities to better support and align with their organization’s business strategy by leveraging people, processes and technology.

Our Vision

To unleash the potential of people.

Focus on HR… It’s all we do

We have built a strong, highly integrated HR service offering, focused on optimizing our clients’ return on investment in HR by delivering HR business value and improved services at a lower cost than can be done internally. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of service, integrity, and the most high touch engagement models of any consulting organization in the ecosystem.

Our Core Values

COURAGE – to take calculated risks, try new things;

INTEGRITY – do the right thing for the right reason, take ownership;

TEAMWORK – collaborate, trust one another to deliver;

FLEXIBILITY – adapt to changing needs, continue to learn;

BE REAL – be authentic, comfortable with what we do;

THINK BIG – embrace challenge, look to the future;

HAVE FUN, WORK HARD – be enthusiastic, go the extra mile